Fire Alarm Codes and Regulations for AHJs and Building Officials
Enforce With Confidence

3-day Course: 3 training sessions, 8 hours each, or a schedule that works for your organization.

Instructor Rick Murray C.E.T., L.E.L., Eng.L. B.C., CFI-1 has over 30 years in the fire alarm industry, as a volunteer fire fighter, technician, owner, contractor, manufacturer’s representative, design engineer, responsible system engineer and consultant. He is an Approved CFAA Instructor, Registered CFAA Fire Alarm Technician, and has served as a CFAA National Board Director for more than 15 years.

Curriculum: Engineering, design, installation, verification, operation, testing and inspection of fire alarm systems as outlined by the various Codes and Standards. And an overview of the principles and technology of fire detection devices, signal appliances, control equipment and ancillary devices controlled by a fire alarm system.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Enforce with confidence the Fire and Building codes and standards related to fire alarm systems;
  • Describe the role and importance of CFAA in the Fire Alarm Industry;
  • Describe the role and importance of the Fire Alarm Technician;
  • Identify the codes and standards which govern the proper installation, verification and maintenance of fire alarm systems;
  • Locate specific codes and standards to confirm fire alarm compliance;
  • Identify fire alarm system components, devices and their applications;
  • Identify fire alarm system related deficiencies;
  • Identify errors or omissions in fire alarm system related documentation;
  • Identify issues related to fire safety that involves fire alarm systems and problem-solve to determine the appropriate solution;
  • Describe the functionality of fire alarm systems and components;
  • Describe interface requirements of fire alarm systems with other building systems.

– Comprehensive Manual, (about 400 pages) and Certificate of Completion provided.


Betty McDonald, BEd, RN, COHN(C), COHN-S, CRSP
President, The Health and Safety Management Group

a CFAA authorized training partner